Help! In need of help desiging a laser show!

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by JTHSN, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. JTHSN

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    So I have been working very hard on a laser show for my boss and I finally tested the whole thing out on the lasers we'll be using and it all just flickers so much and I tried a few fixes but it's a disaster, I think it's because there's to much detail but I've been using stock cues from the program. It was a laser version of the destruction of the Death Star One in A New Hope. Could anyone help me with designing a new show that has less detail and that works smoothly with a 10k RGB scanner laser? I gotta have to done by Friday and this redo is stressing me out.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I'm am gonna set your expectations now... a 10k laser projector was not made to project laser graphics.

    Back in the day you could get away with 12k graphics but the artist who made those shows would spend much longer than the time frame you have to make shows a lot less complex than yours sounds. And, the shows still flickerd. ;)

    My best suggestion is to find a faster scanning laser projector to rent and see how your show looks on that. Otherwise you might want to think about beam effects to the audio of your current show. :)
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    That's what I was afraid of. I thought we were going to use an animation laser, not a 10k. I'll let my boss know. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Actually, what is a recommended laser for using QuickShow?
  5. whiteg

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    This question is too general, but some tips.
    - Galvo - Scanner true 30K/8 deggre or more, (Scannermax, DT-30, DT-40, PT-30, PT-40).
    - RGB full Analog modulatios, No TTL.
    - Low divergence 2 or lower,
    - Beam diameter 4 or lower.
    - ILDA in / out.
    - etc.

    -The 650 - 660nm and no name 638nm fat red no good the graphics. The 637nm red is better.
  6. thesmooth

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    520 nm

    is there really that much difference in the 520 nm green over the more common 532nm, also we hear a lot about pure diode and CNI diode can someone explain the difference ,pros versus cons of each?thanks
  7. whiteg

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    Both can be used and good.
    Older technology green is 532nm Dpss and bright green, The 532nm more than the visible 10-15% than 520nm.
    The 532nm module dimensions usually bigger than 520nm module.
    The 532nm module light power little bit unstable.
    The 532nm laser beam is dot.
    New diode module 520nm little bit dark green and dimensions usually smaller than 532nm.
    The 520nm laser beam is square.

    New trend is 520nm diode now. (full diode projectors)