Help: lw cs-1000 rgb and questions

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Barabba, May 24, 2016.

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    Hi all, thank you so much for your precious help!

    I'm a bit disoriented cause I'm a newbie on laser effects, I'm renewing the light of my club and I need some suggestions, if I can ask you..

    The club isn't big, one room of 15 x 6 meters, I evaluated some lasers effect on youtube and I liked lw EL-500 RGB, maybe this is enough powerful for the room, but I see that for only some euros more I can buy the CS-1000. I've a DMX line droven by Marting Lightjockey 2.95

    Does the CS-1000 worth? Is it reliable machine in the time?
    Can I use Lightjockey to drive it? There exist a fixture file to import it?
    Which software you suggest me to create effects? And does it interface with DMX to program the laser? Or USB?
    Once I built the effect, can I store it into laser memory and recall it from lightjockey by dmx?

    What would you do if you have my issue? Any suggestion from your precious experience is welcome!
    Thank you a lot!

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