HELP Mem card on fb3? LD2000

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    Hello all i'm new at this so here i go im running ld2000 to run my show from my prjector and have 4 independent lasers scattered around on 4 diffrent buildings linked together by dmx. I had to replace a scanner in one of them so i downloaded quick show so i could run a bench test. This worked great untill i repositioned the laser back ontop of the building and plugged in the dmx cables. I tried to run the show from the ld2000 pc and everyting works except the laser i was working on. there is another laser down line from the one with the issue so i know my dmx is operating. The fb3 card shows a dmx signal present on the controller but it does not send any commands to the scanners. I tried connecting quick show back up and that still works but i really need the controll to be from my dmx line Any help would be appriciated greatly.:eek:

    Okay after some more resurch i have found out that i have uploaded a blank cue list to the fb3 in the laser i worked on. Thus blanking the mem. Can anyone tell me how to pull the files off of a fb3 card so i can pull the info off of one of my other lasers that i have. im pretty sure that they all have the sam info on them.
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    Have you not saved the workspace on the PC? :eek: -> %)

    You can use card-reader, connect it to the PC and make a clone from working memmory card to blank one.

    You will not see it as a memory card from photo camera etc., but you will have to use special software for making images / cloning drives.

    Next time try to use more full-stops and try to write clearly, so others can also understand you. Thanks.
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    Thank You that worked.:sillylol: