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    I want to have a fan of beams (16 discrete, horizontal, green for the sake of argument). I want each one of the beams to strobe white for a short time in a random order (which could be fixed). Can't quite seem to pull this off with a synthesized image other than having 16 different frames, each with a different white beam. Suggestions on a more elegant way?

    ETA: I can do this using QuickTargets, but because of the positioning, it doesn't look quite as good as I'd like.
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    Such simple looking scenarios use important component - time. Time based changes is an area of timeline or sequencers. To make a timeline inside Synthesized Image or inside Effect will be a sort of duplication, and we try to keep thing simple. Anyway, in coming build of BEYOND added a simple on/off sequence, see attached screenshot. "BBS" work in Synthesizer and equal thing work in Effects. Originally it made for reaction on Events, but why dont reuse it for simple beat based chases?

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