[Help] Video lessons on Russian language

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by djvavik, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. djvavik

    djvavik New Member

    Hello. there were difficulties with the study of the software. There is a Russian version, major developers are ethnic Russian, but unfortunately no video lessons in Russian,although the transfer would not be difficult for developers. I just can not find it? or a pangolin in Russia is not in demand?

    Instruction in Russian is a good, but it is difficult to understand what to do, step by step, rather than in the video. Or at least a text version of the video lessons that we could look at and read.
  2. whiteg

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    Why not use english version or english speech? Lot of english tutorial video and video image is helpful. In the video you see everything, you do not even need to hear.

  3. djvavik

    djvavik New Member

    This issue is not really correct, it is the same if the citizen in Spain suggest using a Russian version and watch video instructions in Russian. Personally, I like 85% of citizens Russian Federation does not accept the English language in the hearing. If there is a demand in our country, there rus version and developers are Russian-speaking, I understand still why not translation Croke video into their native language. A look at the lessons, but all nice and poverhostnyh understandable, but why this or that is not clear.