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    Hi how are you

    This is my first post, i am sorry that my english is not that good.

    Well i have checked that you may control Pangolin QS3 with an ipad, i have read the info on that, but in the same info i read that you may also controled with some android tools, i checked android market for the word QUISCKSHOW and PANGOLIN, but i didnt find anythink. Is it any android base program to operate the quickshow at a distance from the computer or do i need to buy an ipad.

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    The "remote control" iPad / iPhone apps for LD2000, LivePro, QuickShow and Beyond are actually custom Pangolin templates built for the TouchOSC app - they aren't custom programs built by Pangolin, but are being openly shared on the PangolinShows web site. The actual TouchOSC app, which is required to use these templates, is available from iTunes.

    Given the restrictions of the small screen on iPhone, the iPad version, IMHO, is MUCH easier to use - mainly because it's easier to see, and more room for my fingers!

    If there is a version of TouchOSC available for Android devices, the Pangolin templates - or a modified version of them - should work.
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