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    my QS was working and now is not the box interface flashes red when I enable the cue what's going on it used to work and now it doesn't. Help I am new to this so not sure what to do
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    Hope this helps I copied it from forum as it was bugging me too.
    Here is the answer.

    GREEN = Power is applied to the FB3 via USB cable)
    SOLID YELLOW = FB3 is being accessed by some of our software, including QS
    SOLID RED = Laser Output is enabled in the software but nothing is being sent to the laser
    FLASHING RED = Laser Output is enabled and imagery is being sent. (This is like the "Laser Emission Indicator" as required by the US Government.)

    We've never heard of "Flashing Green". It could be that you had a loose connection with the USB cable or so.

    Also, "Flashing Yellow" means that the date on your computer is set incorrectly.
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