Hotkeys in QuickShow 4.0

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    Hi all.
    I started using Quick Show a year ago with version 3.0. At my work I use the program only to create subject laser shows at large events. Often it is necessary to develop an animation of characters: people, animals, transport, characters. The default animation set is not enough. It is difficult to work in the animation editor as there are not enough hotkeys for some actions and tools. Why does the combination Ctrl+z not affect the points? Why are there no hot keys for the tools: "select point", "Shear", "paint roller"? zoom in - zoom out "+" "-" on keyboard. Moving around the projection window with the mouse in the zoom in (3 button on roller). These little things greatly simplify and accelerate the work on the creation of first-class laser shows. A year ago, I was working on a complex project, and these shortcomings were troublesome. Now I once again faced the designing of the show. Updated the program. But in version 4.0, everything remains the same. Therefore, I decided to write my comments and recommendations here, I hope my comments will help you to improve Quik show. Good luck. (Google translate)