How many FB3QS's can you run from a laptop?

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    Yes, I realize it depends on the laptop! :)

    But: the question is really about USB - I have 4 USB outputs on my show lappy, one of which has a 2-port hub for my mouse and the APC40. If I wanted 4 FB3QS's then I would have to buy a hub. There are issues with ethernet -> USB hubs, but what about plain old vanilla USB -> USB hubs? Are they all ok, or must I seek out certain kinds? Will an unpowered hub be alright for 4 FB3s, or should I go for a powered one?
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    A few years ago, we have successfully ran six FB3 on a single laptop at Prolight & Sound tradeshow. The laptop was five years old at that time... Last year at Prolight & Sound, we ran seven FB3 and this was connected to a hub with the hub connected to a single USB port on the laptop. That laptop was a bit newer.

    In QuickShow we have artificially set the limit to 9, and in BEYOND recently increased the artificial limit to 12. CPU load is still pretty low, so...

    You might take a look at the StarTech USB Extender, mentioned in the QuickShow portion of our forum. Those are handy as well.

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