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    I produce laser shows and consider myself competent to go out on site either with a live setup or with a show that I have done in advance and deliver a good looking (and safe) show to a client.
    Some of these clients are large household names and major events. I work freelance for lighting companies in the UK and Ireland but never direct for the client.
    I am reaching the point where I can produce shows of very high quality. But how much do I charge? Is there a going industry rate per 12 hour day or should everything I do be on one, flat hourly rate?
    I need to find this out but its never spoken about! How much should I be expecting after an 8.30am start when I still at the venue getting out at 1am the following day?
    Whats the going rate to sit and programme a show (per day or per minute of show)? Even just a ballpark figure would be of help.
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    Are you sure you posted into correct forum?
    Double-posting is not nice. ,X
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