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    I have been learning to produce laser shows and now consider myself competent to go out on site either with a live setup or with a show that I have done in advance and deliver a good looking (and safe) show to a client.
    Some of these clients are large household names and major events. I work for freelance laser lighting companies never direct for the client.
    I have been on a training rate while I learn the software but now I am reaching the point where I can produce shows of high quality. But how much do I charge? Is there a going industry rate per 12 hour day?
    I need to find this out but its never spoken about! How much should I be expecting after an 8.30am start when I still at the venue getting out at 1am the following day?
    Whats the going rate to sit and programme a show (per day or per minute of show)? Even just a ballpark figure would be of help.
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    It is very hard to talk about prices. Specialy in different country.
    Also depending on prices of other laser show producers near you.
    You shoud show a photo or video of your good production and we can judge afterwards.
    Prices are from 100 to 20.000 eur and more, depending on people involved, length of production (sometimes it takes about a month to program a good custom show) and of course all the equipment needed on the site.
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    Yes I will post my show on the shows site soon. Thanks for your reply. And sorry for the double posts. A designer I know charges a days money for every min of show. But I dont know what his daily rate is!! Is there a standard daily rate from a UK stage union or something? Any UK designers out there? Most of the shows I do are only a few mins long. Did you say 100 euros to 20,000 euros?
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    Hi There UK Laser Designer,

    Where in the UK are you? We are currently looking for new programmers / operators / installers.

    Have a look at our website to see who we are and what we are about. Get in touch if you are interested.


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    Hi All Just purchased an IMU unit & S/W, the challenge is that I'm unable to install the drivers on win7, even after going through Devices Manager & guiding the installation to the Drivers dir. , it just does not recognize the driver in the 'Drivers' folder on the installation CD. but the same works perfectly well on XP (both platforms are 32bit) any solution??
    Sorry about using 'UK Laser Designer's post