How to achieve a single beam

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    Hi All,

    We are trying to set up Quickshow to output two and sometimes three single beams to fire at bounce mirrors. The only way i can find to make a single beam is to go to Quickshape and make a circle or something very small! (I know Im doing it wrong) when i save this to a cue and try and put two or more of them on, the flickering between them is very noticeable. We have 30k scanners and they perform very well with very complex effects including multiple beams effects with very little flicker.

    I know the problem lies in the fact we are projecting very small circles so the scanners are working overboard. I just want to make a dot and save it to a cue.

    Many thanks
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    There are a couple of ways to achieve this effect:

    1. In the frame editor, in "point" mode a CTRL-click produces a high intensity beam.

    2. A better way to do this is to set up QuickTargets. It's (deliberately!) a bit of a pain to get started but you only need to do it once. This allows you set up a number of fixed target points and sequence a number of beams directed to those points.
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    Thanks so much, Easy when you know how.