How to 'add weight' to points in intro

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by luminavp, Sep 22, 2004.

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    I have a question - I have a frame with 32 points - it is basically a large circle, not very densly populated with points so that you can see the 'points' around the circle.

    It looks fine, no flicker, at 1000 pps. Flashback 3 won't play slower than 5000pps. How do i make this look the same at 5000pps ?

    The renumber feature fills the gaps between the points rather than adding to them. I tried copying and pasting the frame onto itself but this doesn't seem to work either, when i speed it up to 5000pps in both cases it just blurs the points and therefore it looks lke a normal solid circle.

    Any other ideas?


  2. James23

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    If you want a larger number of points in the same spot then you can select that point and hit control+A to add points. Just hold it down to add several very quickly.
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    I can't make a stronger recommendation, than that everyone in the industry participate and conform to the standards. The standard that we have is 30K and our software and systems ship, out of the box, with all shows ready to playback at that standard. In addition, we have tools such that any frame, with any number of points, originally intended for any speed, can be "resampled" up such that they perform perfectly at 30K. Really this is the best way and requires the least effort at show playback time. Just load any frame, or any show, and play it. No screwing around, remembering that this show has that special speed, etc.

    So please, give strong consideration to resampling, renumbering, or manually re-doing frames such that they display perfectly at the standard rate. 1Kpps is froth with problems and it is far better to resample, renumber, etc...