How to build Q-Clicks

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    Hi all,

    i hope you can help me, we haf 2 RGB 0.7 left/right on one FB3 and a 4W RGB Center on a FB3, everything is working fine, but i can't figure out how to build Q-Clicks because this would be perfect to to....having one cue on the sides and another one for the center on just on buton....

    I was looking to description, i was Trying Hours and Hours... still can't get it....

    BY the way with a akai apc 40 Midi pult this softwar is the best live to laser ever.... and i have seen a lot the past 12 years.....


  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    Use QuickCapture. Drag cues for each projector into the cue slots at the bottom, then drag the preview window at the bottom into a spare cue slot to save the combination.
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    Look at the video help file: What is new at minute 4:30 – minute 6:30
    look at the help file for zones

    and make sure that you are in a multi cue mode
    the button to the left of the BPM square

    you can assign any cue to any zone
    and you can assign any zone to any projector/FB3
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    @ smokeandmirrors

    Thank's for your awnser but it does not work, whatever i try it always got displayed only on Proj. 1 ......
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    Ah, right, you need to get hold of the latest release version from the Pangolin download page. There were a couple of routing bugs in previous releases. When you build your capture, you will see a button that says "Prevent this Capture from being re-routed by the Preview Window". Make sure this is selected. Provided your individual cues are correctly routed, the captured cue will be too.
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    Thank u

    Thank u for your Help, yes my Software was out of date.... it's working fine now, but i found a new bug *gg* some of the Atmospherics coes are all going to zone 8 but thats easy to fix, i hope they also fixed the midi bug...

    anyway Thanks again