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    Hello .
    I can drawing 3d frames with LaserDesigner 2000 (Pro) only square frame for example Three-dimensional. house, etc..
    but I found lots of 3d frames ( attached picture) in the soft library are very smooth, it looks like import the Laserdesign 2000 with use some tools rather than hand drawing. My means these 3d frames are have more View Angle in one frame,not use LCMAX creat sequence frame.
    who can tell me how to do it ?


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  2. jujun

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    Because this 3d frames have few points in a simple scense
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    in fact those frames are the real 3D stuff as it has been used in the past before several 3D converter plugins stepped into the marked.
    Each single point of such frames has its own XYZ-coordinate and is not just "fake 3D" which means XY value for each point but Z-value is mostly 0 ( so all points are basically located in the same Z-layer)
    How to create this "old stuff":
    one way is to first draw the object in a 2D-layer (XY-layer) and give each single point its Z-value in a second step. So this means, you first create the object e.g. based on a jpg background pic and redraw the object based on only the front view. After this, you activate point by point and move every single point into the right Z-Position as where it should be located looking at the frame from side view / top view...
    In fact, this means lot of work to achieve a good looking result, but this is based on my opinion one of the fastest way to create real 3D Images.
    Please keep in mind: those objects are basically fully transparent, so all lines are visible. To achieve a perfect looking result, you have to add a Z-clipping effect later during time line programming if you want to have the 3D depth effect.

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    so is it actaully z depth effects going to the ilda standard pin from fb3s? or just a trick for color modulation?