How to Create a Trail Effect?

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    Im having difficulties creating an effect and am looking for some ideas.

    I am trying to create an effect that creates a trail that follows a laser image around. Similar to the Path follow/Write out style animation cue except not controlled by a predefined path and rather is controlled by the movement of the image.

    eg : Create a simple frame with a dot in the middle , when the dot frame is moved via the X and Y position live control, a trail follows behind the dot like a motion blur, when the dot stops moving the trail follows and then disappears.

    hope that makes some sense..

    thanks for any and all help.
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    Thanks to Alexey for the tip.

    Create a new Shape Cue:

    Set the shape type to Live Channel Recording Mode:

    Select the Input Recording Tab:

    Select Channel 17 for the X and Channel 18 for the Y Inputs:

    Use the Channel control tab Pad1 control to move the laser image around creating a real time tail effect following it.

    Play with and adjust the Shape parameters and Input Recording parameters as needed to create different types of trailing effects.
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    Very cool!
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    Nice, i will try :)