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  1. Jordi Moncasi

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    Hello. Lately I'm going crazy trying to create .ild with quickshow. We recently acquired a laser, and we want to create content. Unfortunately no one supports us. We are now working on creating still images with the laser and animating them with the effects of quickshow. These images are generated by vectorizing lines with inkscape or illustrator from our original image, and imported into the Quick Trace.

    However, it gives us the ability to create a static image, but we do not know how to create something with 3d.
    Can anyone give me some advice? What software to use? Any content portal?

    We use QuickShow software, we are thinking of purchasing a Beyond license (I don't know if it's worth it). Our laser is a Kvant Club Max 6000 FB4.
    Thank you so much!
  2. ENOT

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    Hi Jordi,

    Thanks for questions. If you are looking for 3D graphics, then you may want to consider plugins for 3D MAC and C4D created by Pangolin. BEYOND Ultimate also comes with BEYOND 3D. You welcome to check out demo version. QuickShow supposed to be simple software, and 3D graphics is out of scope for this product. I strongly recommend to check out Pangolin channel on YouTube, as well as demo versions. Our plugings are well known and work well for many clients.

    Content portal - right inside of your QuickShow.

    Regarding ILDA format - sorry, this format is out-dated in many direction. Pangolin does not support output to ILDA format.

    Best Regards,
  3. Jordi Moncasi

    Jordi Moncasi New Member

    Thanks you so much