How to create seperate objects for LCFlash

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  1. Laser5

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    How do you create flash files that have seperate objects when imported into LCFlash?
    I create a simple swf image or movie with a circle and a square, whether they are on the same layer or different layers they are always one object instead of two in LCFlash. What step(s) am I missing to make them two different objects in LCFlash that can then have seperate render settings?


    Rob D.
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Rob,

    If you are using Macromedia FLASH, then objects will naturally be separated, since this is how FLASH does things. If you are using a third party tool, they may combine all objects within a frame into a single FLASH object. You may or may not be able to change this with render settings of that tool.

    I discussed this briefely with Valery, the lead programmer on the LC-FLASH project and here is what he has to say:

    Each object of the SWF content must be defined as "stagDefineShapeX" tag. So, if SWF exporter writes whole frame as single shape - you will see only one object, and this does not depend on importing software. But if exporterwrites objects as separated shapes (with multiple "stagDefineShapeX" instances - one for each object) then you will see separated objects in all importing software (LCFlash, MacromediaFlash etc.). So, it seems that it's a problem of the SWF writer.

    I don't know what software is used - maybe there are ability to customize output settings. Something like "combine all objects" sign in the LCFlash, that can combine all objects into the one large object for the LCMax internals.

    Bill (and Valery) :N
  3. Laser5

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    Bill / Valery,

    Interesting. I am using Macromedia Flash MX Pro 2004. The "shapes" that I drew were not automatically separating into separate objects in LCFlash and I have not found anywhere to define, view, or number the "stagDefineShapeX" tag of objects in Flash.

    But, I did convert all of my "Shapes" to "Symbols" in Flash. Once I did that, then they will separate out as discreet objects in LCFlash!

    I don't know if there is a way to use shapes and have them be separate objects in LCFlash, but I guess it doesn't matter if I make everything symbols. I'm still learning the ins and outs of Flash and the differences between shapes and symbols etc....


    Rob D. :N
  4. Pangolin

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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the excellent questions. I am sure other readers will benefit from this discussion.

    First of all, the editor of Macromedia FLASH works with one important feature - if you draw all of your objects manually in a single layer and do not use "Convert to symbols" item - all of your objects will be combined into one object!

    You can test it on the simple way - draw two overlapped rectangles, and then delete last drawn. In this case you will see not an original (first) rectangle, but rectangle without overlapped part! I'm not sure why Macromedia used this way, but that's the way it works...

    Seems that you are puzzled with this feature. The solution is to convert different objects to symbols (This is useful later for objects re-use, etc.) or to draw objects on different layers.

    Generally, SWF creators firstly - draw objects and convert them to symbols (they are placed in the "library" window of the MacromediaFlash) and then - create movie using objects (i.e. "symbols" - in the macromedia notation) from library. Usually they are using "combined objects" (with the feature above) only as a tool for object creation, but not
    for movie creation!

    Bill and Valery