How to create this effect.

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  1. StaroverovVV

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    How to create this effect?

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  2. soforene

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    Easy peasy !! :D
  3. Stingray

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    I think the main problem would be to get such girls :D
  4. johnfl68

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    I remember that photo shoot.

    As Pangolin says:

    "One day, the local high school cheerleading team asked for a booster ad with a photo. One thing led to another, and now you can download four photos of high-school cheerleaders in front of laser beam sculptures."

    It's just a Cirlcle of Dots or Dashes in different colors, which is projected in the direction of the cheerleaders from behind, large enough to overfill the image frame. And of course smoke/haze. And Cheerleaders. And I think a few of their mom's in the sidelines.

  5. RGBeetje

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    Correct !! I found it in quickshow... Only problem is that I only can display the circle of colored circles..
    In workspace 2.0 of QS it is located under the atmospherics tab, go to statics, and it's called Circle cone. Just add color and presto ;) Use it as is and you have this effect.

    now if I can only find the "cheerleader effect" ....
  6. MeaningOfLights

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    Another way is to Copy Cue 38 from Atmospherics > Cones to a new page.

    Edit the Cue:

    1. Set the top MirrorY FX to -88
    2. Add a Bend Surface Warp FX