How to import/play QSHW files

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    Hi Folks

    I`m a noobie with Quickshow and I have looked at some of the shows that people have uploaded. I think I can import/play ILDS ILDA files but I`m not sure what to do with QSHW format files. I have watched the video on the show site and all the shows look great but I`m not sure how to import the QSHW file into quickshow?

    I would be grateful of any information to use these file types.


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    I made a short tutorial for someone to download a show off the Pangolin Show Portal site. It has 35 screen shots in it; you can email me, see screen name, if you'd like me to email it to you. Here is a portion of it regarding opening a QuickShow laser show.

    Open Quickshow, go to the QuickTimeline tab at the bottom of the interface,
    click File, Open Show, browse to the QS\Shows\ directory (assuming this is where you have saved your shows) and select the show you want to watch.

    Due to copyright issues, very few shows will include the audio files for the
    shows on the Show Portal. You will need to acquire the music file on your
    own; there is usually a text file included with the show file that should
    suggest what music file goes best with the show. To add audio, you must
    first have the music; then you will click the File menu button again and
    click "Set Audio File", browse to the folder where the music file is
    located, there is a Music_for_Shows folder in the QS directory where most
    people store their show music. If for some reason the music does not sync
    up with the show animation, make sure you verify you have the exact version
    or "mix" of the song that the Laser show creator lists in their text file.
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    Thanks for the info - thats just what I needed.

    I have imported a couple of shows and then saved them to my show tab.


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    Once you have the show imported, you can drag and drop the show tab (or preview window inside the tab) to a cue and then you'll have the show in your workspace any time you want it.