How to make laser big and small?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Kennycircus, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Kennycircus

    Kennycircus New Member

    Hi there been using Lasershow Designer Quickshow for a while now but i booted up computer the other day and have noticed that the buttons to make it larger or smaller have dissappeared from boxes? Can anyone help me get them back?

    Many Thanks In Advance
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I apologize but I am having a hard time envisioning what you are reporting. Can you post or send me a screen shot or two?
  3. Kennycircus

    Kennycircus New Member

    Can't take any screenshots at the minute as am away from the computer, the problem is that the live performance toolbar doesn't come up at bottom of the cue box just gives me option to stop or pause it don't give option to control size, position or rotation of the effect where as it did before?
  4. Kennycircus

    Kennycircus New Member

    image.jpg .

  5. Kennycircus

    Kennycircus New Member

    Any ideas guys????
  6. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Post a screen shot of what you are experiencing. I think I understand but want to "see" what you are seeing.
  7. Humphry

    Humphry Member

    Just a couple ideas - Perhaps try resizing, or just reinstall the software? I know that some features are removed when jumping between intermediate and advanced modes.

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