How to run two cues at once with OSC

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Maddix, Feb 11, 2023.

  1. Maddix

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    I have cues set up for 2 different projectors and I need them to be running both at once.

    When I trigger cues via OSC with the /beyond/general/StartCue command it works, but it always stops any cue that's already running, even if I have the Multi cue button turned on.

    I also found this command /beyond/general/MultiCue but it just seems to push the Multi cue button on the UI which still doesn't help me.

    I'm using Essentials though I've been thinking I need to upgrade.

  2. ping141

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    There are several ways to do this, one way is to select multicue, then select your first projector and fire your first cue there. Then select the second projector and fire the other cue there. Then click and hold in the preview window, and drag and release in the grid. Then you get a new cue that consists of your current output. Then you can fire that cue with OSC. That should work in Essentials as well as far as I know. :)
  3. Maddix

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    Aha very cool thank you. I had not realized that can be done. However I don’t think this will work unfortunately because I need to be able to play cues on the two projectors independently and sporadically as opposed to always together, as if I have a separate Beyond running each one.

    At the moment I think I can make this work by setting up groups and using CueDown, the using StopCue later, which doesn’t interfere with other running cues. This gets me close to the most flexible and foolproof behavior.
  4. ping141

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    For the best flexibility on this, use a lighting console. :)
  5. ENOT

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    Lighting console?

    BEYOND/QS does not play projector. It plays content. Content need a player, at least because playback need time position. So, player... where is player? when you click on cue, QS/B create player, hiding all management details from you. Need always existing players - sure, ProTracks. Dont need players - grid mode, with dynamic players. DMX Server has own pool, which bound to zones, will be available for access from script from 5.2.
    How to solve your initial question? Step one, enable Preview internal commands in Configuration. See what commands show up once you click on cue. All commands accessible from OSC. Would be better to have Advanced, and have access to script editor. Yes, cuedown, cell down, etc. See what UI generates.

    StartCue is very old command, made for simplified control from DMX channel or MIDI slider. It does not multi start by design. There is cell-clicking group of commands, and pretty big code inside which transform grid clicks into execution commands, base on type of content in cell, mode, grouping, limiters, etc. This is pretty big area.

    Overall, BEYOND offer content-centric player pool (grid), destination-centric model is DMX player, each zone has a player, and finally player-centric model in face of ProTracks. Should be enough.

  6. Maddix

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    Thanks Alexey. I wasn't aware of the preview option. That will be helpful in the future.

    Settings > Configuration > Laser Preview > Display Internal BEYOND Command