How to set the DMX address of FB3

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    Set switch 0 to "on" enables the DMX reception. Switches 1-9 control the DMX channel. Channel 1 is set switch 1 to “onâ€￾ and 2-9 to "off" And how to set the other channels??
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    I have read the manual and the only explain is"Switches 1-9 control the DMX channel. For test purposes, we will be using channel 1, so set the swith 1 to "on" and switches 2-9 to "off" "This test purpose can't explain the way to set other channels. So how to set the other channels? DMX can set 512 channels. Is it binary system or decimal system? And how to set the 2,3,4and so on?
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    The DIP switches set the start address for the fixture. In your case if you set the FB3 to address 1 then a second fixture (FB3, dimmer, intelligent fixture) would have the address of 17 (FB3 has 16 channels).
    The fixture decodes the DMX signal that is sent from your DMX desk.