How to use DMX Fixtures


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I love the new features of my Ultimate upgrade and try to figure out the DMX-Features.
I can use the object animator with DMX-Channels without problems.

I set up a new fixure for a LED-Bar.
I can see the fixture in the Object-Animator, but if I use e.g. the RED-Channel nothing happens. - Also no output in the DMX-Monitor.

The Same in the universe. - I can set a slider to the RED-Channel of the Fixture and it slides from 0 to 255 - also no output.

When I try to use The channel of the Fixture with 'objects' in PangoScript and try to assign a valoue with "=" - it is marked red. - Also no result.

I use build 940.
Is what I want to do not possible at the moment or am I doing something wrong?

I hope someone can help me.

kind regards
Fixtures model based on a hope to make uniform control of laser projectors, fixtures and other things. Logic is this. Projection zone use name for identification (it is string). Some time later we decided to use this name is identifier of zone in script. As example, "Main Graphics" turns into "MainGraphics". So, you can use script like MainGraphics.Brightness=50. OK. So, each object has identifier, and some properties. Same logic applied to objects from Universe. Same object applied to Images, Effects. Same logic for Fixtures. Fixture is pretty undefined class. You need to set identifier for each Fixture, and each Fixture object has list of properties (typical word of programmers), or attributes (term from MA), or parameters, etc. So, you need to define identifier for fixture, and the property. As example: MyFixture1.Pan . If it is done correctly, you must see your fixture in Object Tree window, same as zones and any other published objects. If you see it, then you can set values of fixture properties from Script. If it works - go object animator. Object animation use Object tree, same as script. On the timeline you define how variable will change by time. it is nothing else as assigning a value to object property. Sorry for such programmer-style explanation, but it is the most simple and exact way to explain what is is and how it works. So, Object Tree is your check point.

Hello Alexey,

thanks for your reply. I think I understood your great 'uniform' idea through the last months.

I did as you said.

I build a fxiture for one of my RGB-PARs. 5-channels:
the identifier is PAR1
1 - Mode .. always to 41 - in fix-builder: undefined min/0, max255, default 41
2- MACRO ... alwayss to 0 in fix-builder: undefined min/0, max255, default 0
3 - RED via ColorControl RED - offset 0
4 - GREEN via ColorControl GREEN - offset 1
5 - BLUE ´via ColorControl BLUE - offset 2

My fxiture has the DMX-Start adress 50 (used Channels 50 to 54) . I set the universe to my Enttec with 1

I see the fixture in all places (universe, pangoscript).

But when I run a script llike (Object selected via object-tree)

nothing happens - also the DMX-Monitor shows no output anywhere

It would be so great to use these new feature. - Via QuickDMX, Object-Animator using DMX instead of objects is working without problems.
What Iam doing wrong?

Looking hopefully forward to get an answer.

Hi Daniel,

I fount that it is my mistake. During testing of new idea I blocked section that take Fixtures and produce DMX output. Stupid misprint, sorry. I will send you link to fixed version for a test.

Hi Alexey;
I have the same problem that Daniel has.
This means that a new version is available?
My current Ultimate 3.0 build version is 945


walter D.
Hi Alexey,

thank you very much . - I thought I was to stupid. - But now it works!!! :)
Now I have the next thing: When I create an ObjectAnimator with DMX-Channels the DMX-Values for the used channels are set to zero, when I stop the cue.
When I use the Objects from my Fixture in the ObjectAniator, then Beyond holds the last value calculated by the object animator, when I release the cue. - also a Blackout has no effect.

I know, that these things are still under developmet, so I don't want to be impatient - I just want to told (perhaps Iam doing something wrong)

DMX output and DMX monitor is working in your case when you use object animator?
In my case doesn't work and I'm using the last version I guess. Build 945
Did you received a fixed version ?

Some as you I want to use this feature creating fixtures and with object animator but for now for me doesn't work.
Did you something different ?

Walter D
Hi Walter,

Alexey send me Build 946. - Here the object animator works with objects too. - But I have the problems described in my last post.

regards Daniel
Hi Alexey,
I created a "DMX-via-Object-Animator OFF"-Cue, that I run at Blackout. (Because also setting the DMX-Channels off via scripts doesn't work in this case).
I think, DMX-Values over Object-Animator (using objects - not dmx-channels) uses another layer which forces the higher value via HTP - right?

to make it short: Iam happy now and can work wih this workaround =)

kind regards,
Thanks noonno
Then I have to wait for Alexey for the new Build.
Alexey is possible to hve the new build?


walter D.
Hi Daniel,

Let me share some basic ideas. A physical fixture always has some state. I mean a real fixture mounted on a truss, or so. Fixture object in BEYOND does exactly this. Fixture of BEYOND is object that has some parameters/attributes/properties, and fixture knows how to transform is state into DMX values. As soon as fixture created, it always output its values to DMX OUT. Make a fixture, select in Preview panel (panel for zone preview), go to Fixture tab (below preview), change fixture state, and you should see how it will change DMX OUT (in monitor). OK. we can do this without any animator. It is important. So, the fixture state is a primary thing. After that - we have several ways how to change Fixture state. The first is Fixture tab, second is Object Animator, third is PangoScript. I dont want to say that this is great set, or anything like that. I just want to give a hint how to look a this. Objecrt animator is a primary way to change Fixture state.

Operations with fixture properties works independently from DMX. Fixture is abstract, and independent from DMX construction. DMX is only transport layer.

If several animators operate with same fixture property, then the last operation wins. It is like storing value into variable.

DMX sequence, and Object Animation in DMX mode - it is independent from the fixture thing. DMX sequence is just array of DMX values without any abstraction layer. Just some values, we mix them as HTP or LTP. In fact, BEYOND mix all kind of DMX sequences, and after that take changes from Fixture subsystem. What means - Fixture wins.

Currently, I recommend to consider Fixture as experimental model, as attempt to make uniform control different things such as projection zones, fixtures, and so on. It`s just a first step.