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    This is Bridge, coming from Beijing China. our company mainly products DPSS lasers(532,473, 635, 660nm......),our webwite is: www[dot]laser-wave[dot]com. as personal, I also very crazy laser show fans, when I first see lasershow, I am amazing, I don't know why laser can creat so beautiful pictures, later, I know, we used Scanner, software(thanks Pangolin's software, the most powerful software give us so much pleasure), yes,what ghbeautiful lw, before, we most are only used green, with TTL, now, we can play with RGB and analog, the lw become more colorful.
    although I had worked with lasers for many years, but I had only little chance with laser projector, so I wish here I can learn from all of you and become friends of all of you. if you need any help from me, I will try my best to help you.
    Cheers from Beijing, China.
    Best regards!
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    Hi Bridge and welcome :)

    Bridge does some great DPSS lasers and his service is brilliant :N


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    Thanks Jem,
    Pleasure to see you also here.
    thanks for you choose and satisfy laserwave products and bridge's service.
    Best regards!