I need a laser know where to buy a good laser projector

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    - Yeah so ive been searching for a while. And i cant find anything that i know is good. So you could anyone recomend a good laser projecter that uses quickshow light designer:)? (Not outdoor just in my room or at parties).

    - Just one question. does DMX go with quickshow? (i have no idea what exactly DMX is)
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    QS with a good home laser

    I've been Most pleased with my LK-PD2
    Great video here:

    I got thru Hakzaw1

    I know he has one of these to sell at this time...send him a message here.

    Does all the stuff in the video AND works great with QS.

    QS does control DMX but on a rather limited use with lasers. But can use your QS to project laser and also QS to control DMX lights and other devices.

    This is the place for questions...also http://www.photonlexicon.com/forums/forum.php

    Good Luck and Welcome!
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    The diff between an ILDA cable and a db25 printer cable is often just the cost-- AND as most new printers now go with USB-- ilda cables (they need to be M/F) can be found at thrift shops and PC repair places for pennies.

    I do not EVER pass any up that are reasonable- BUT there are lots of them too at Ebay-- the cable that goes between your PC and the Pangolin QS DAC (called FB3) is a common usb to printer cable very cheap--

    a long one however is good to have as the included usb is not all that long-

    QS does not come with an ILDA cable but i can include one if you like-

    PM me with your price range and i will try to help..


    Laser projectors are highly addictive- symptoms include empty wallet syndrome and maxed out CCards-- and even divorce..

    run-- run quick and do not look back..



    is this ia good laser?http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/lw...item2ecf642f6a

    I cannot speak on this PJ.... no experience with it--HOWEVER I highly suggest you search this forum to read the MANY opinions on lw--products...

    what I do see is

    1) wrong red... hardly anyone wants 650 these days

    2) I do not see where it is TTL or analog modulated- one would think full color but I must see that in writing or hear or from an owner--

    also if you are MAC rather than PC you will not have as easy a time working with the soft but it can be done..

    I always look also at the back- preferring a LED/LC window and push buttons (mode-up-down& enter) rather than dip(py) switches--

    hope this has been helpful-- cheerz!!! Len
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    Thanks alot, could you then find a good full color laser projector with ILDA connecteble. it cant cost too much. it has to be ebay.co.uk
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