I want to use 3 differnet qm2000.net box

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by ozcan, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ozcan

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    I want to use 3 different qm2000.net box same time with only one livepro program.
    I am using 1 laptop and live pro license number 8582 now.And I attached 3 net.box on laptop via switcher when open livepro program ask me 3 qm200.net box online .I saved it.It works good But when I open effect there is only one laser is giving effect this laser connect 8582QM2000.net box.other lasers which has connect with other license number has no effect.
  2. JeroenVDV

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    Have you set up the zones? For example:

    - Zone 5: Scanner 1
    - Zone 6: Scanner 2
    - Zone 7: Scanner 3

    .. and then route track 1 to zone 5, track 2 to zone 6, etc (click on "monitor" button above track-windows).
  3. aly

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    First use Showtime. Go to Settings > Zones.
    For each zone you will use select appropriate projector. Example:
    Zone 4 (center beams) - projector 2
    Zone 5 (left beams) - projector 1
    Zone 6 (right beams) - projector 3.
    Save this to LD2000.ini

    Now close or minimize Showtime and open Livepro.

    Load your worspace. When in STOP (edit) mode, click a cue with effect (ex. for scanner 2, center beam).
    On the right screen select Cue properties tab (not Live controls), under Image find Zones tab. Here select appropriate zone (ex. zone 4). Now repeat this for all cues and select appropriate zone.

    For help, you can change many cues at once. Hold SHIFT button on keyboard and click on all cues (with images!) you want to change. They will get pink (= selected). Now change zone settings.
    Then go to Menu Edit > Unselect all.
    Repeat this for all 3 projectors (zones).

    Hope this helps.