ILDA 8° / graphics flicker less?

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  1. djcopy

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    Hello, I would like to display graphics that flicker less.

    What is the best way to set this in Beyond?

    For example, the laser scanners are specified with 40kpps at 8°, but where can I set the 8°?

    How many picture points are good?

    I welcome feedback.

    Thanks and Regards
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    There is no real best way to set things up. First of all regarding the scan speed. If your scanners are 40k at 8 degrees, it means that your scanners are tuned with the ilda frame at 8 degrees on 40kpps.
    You can limit the scan speed in settings >> projector settings.

    This often also means that if you scan on 16 degrees, you should limit the scan speed below 40k to protect the scanners from damage.
    The angle, is something you need to measure as every scanner acts differently. We have a calculation example here:

    if you have 40k scanners, then I would limit scan speed max to 40k, set the default speed to 30k, set the projection area at max 70% of the total projection area.
    This will work for some scanners, but this could very well be problematic for yours. It all depends on quality of the product and their max performance.

    Beamshows often run on 22 , 24k while during the show, the laserist will play with the speed for special effects. We have a dedicated function in the software for this, so you can connect this to a slider.

    Regarding points. How many poins are good all depends on the animation and the purpose it self. There are many factors that influence blinking, quality of scanners, beam etc .
    To get this data it will require a little bit of testing to familliarize your self with your equipment. At 30k, 8 deg, cheap scanners should be able to work with 1500 points.
    Better scanners do 2500 points on the same angle.
  3. djcopy

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    Thanks a lot for the response.

    The only strange thing is that existing graphics with approx. 1700 pixels are displayed almost without flickering and even drawn or drawn graphics flicker!?

    Am I doing something wrong? Since it can't be due to the general Beyond presets?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    Not per say, If points lay further appart than usual, then the scanner has to do more work which can cause this issue. What happens if you size down the scan angle (Make the projection area smaller).