ILDA Pinout to Cambridge 673 driver for 6210H

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by LaserDance, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Team Laser addicts. I am well into the bank account on my first projector. I just got LD2000 Pro with the QM2000 board. I have the Dual Driver card 673 from Cambridge Tech which came with my 6210H scanners. I got the power supply wired up, have the cables from the driver to the scanners, and even a breakout board with test points. So, I see from the ILDA pinout on the website that pin 1=X+, 2=Y+, 14=X-, 15=Y-. I see several other pins, but with only two scanners, and no blanking yet (thought my little test laser does have ttl blanking) no color and no projector for that I just need to hook up these 4 pins to do basic graphics and see some of my $10,000 at least move the laser beam? If anybody has some spare cycles to help me out a little bit it would be greatly appreciated. :airtoss:
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    Hi Laserdance,

    Basically you connect X+ and X- to the inputs with the similar names on the 673xx amps, and do the same with Y+ and Y-.

    By the way, for the benefit of you and everyone else on this forum, if you are going to get Cambridge scanners, I would highly recommend the 6215 over the 6210, 6800 or any other scanner. The 6215 when coupled with that 673 amp is not much more expensive, but it can scan twice as wide and you won't have any heat-related problems...

    Best regards,

    William Benner