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    I am trying to save some files in .ILD format. I created the frames in Beyond Ultimate, and saved as .LDS files. I then open the files in LD2000, and try to save as .ILD. Every time I do this, it only creates an empty .ILD file. If I create the files in LD2000 and save, it works fine, but does not work if the files are exported from Beyond. I turned security off of the .LDS files after the save from beyond since the Advanced editor will turn security on no matter what with no way to turn it off.

    I have attached two files as reference. was created in LD2000. was created in Beyond and saved as an .LDS file. will save as .ILD just fine in LD2000. will not save as .ILD in LD2000.

    I am using LD2000 5.6, and Beyond 2.1.

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    You can render out a LDS frame sequence using showtime then export to a color palleted ILDA with LD2000.
    Sadly that's all there is.. usually you do not need to export to ilda as all pangolin software works fine with the LDS format file.

    saving to ilda you lose a lot of the information thats normally present in your show.
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    Please provide us with more information and unfortunately the attachments didn't work.

    Please also note that merely selecting "ILDA" as an output file format in the file dialog box does not indicate, to the software, that you intend to save ILDA files. Due to an anomaly in the software (and one that we unfortunately can't solve -- thanks to Microsoft), you must actually type ". I L D" after the filename.

    So, for example, if I want to save "bill.ILD" I must actually type the entire thing. It's not enough for me to just type "bill" and then choose "ILDA" as the output format. You have to actually type "bill.ILD" in the Save file dialog box.

    If -- after that -- it doesn't work, then we will need more information, will need the actual files involved, will need to know the version of software you are using, and might actually need to know even more than that. This information will need to be conveyed by contacting support with a support ticket or the like, since the forum is inadequate for communicating all of the details and doing a full investigation.

    As a final remark I will say that it was me -- William Benner -- who served as Technical Committee Chairman of ILDA during the authoring and then attempted (don't get me started) updating of the ILDA file format. The ILDA file format is now ancient, and does not contain information on the scan rate, the colors, "face data" or any of the like which is used by modern software. By today's standards the ILDA file format is a REALLY HORRIBLE FORMAT. And finally, A FULL 10% OF ALL PANGOLIN SUPPORT PHONE CALLS are like "hey, I saved this in the ILDA file format, why doesn't it work right". (Spoiler alert -- the answer is because it can't work right... the ILDA format is a horrible format by today's standards...)

    Today the ILDA format caused Pangolin (and customers) nothing but problems, and -- in a very real way -- the ILDA format is COSTING PEOPLE MONEY (because Pangolin must pay professional support people to answer these questions, and because the time we spend answering these questions could be put to far better uses, such as making the world a better place with newer and better software).

    Our main position is that -- the reality is that today, nobody needs the ILDA format. Pangolin has created an entire ecology of products that all work with our secured file format. We therefore highly recommend that everyone use the Pangolin secure file format (LDS).

    Best regards,

    William Benner