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  1. Orange

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    Hi there!
    The question is how to flip the whole show.
    I've got a cute show with cityscapes of my home city, but originally it was made for a flat opaque screen. Now we are using a transparent "look-through" fabric screen and the image looks flipped. Some parts of the show seriously suffer from it.
    I know that i can flip any frame using the software - but how can i flip any frame in the whole show without editing every particular frame?

    Sorry, if the question sound too much n00b)
  2. lasero2000

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    hi orange,

    to 'flip' an axis in ld or showtime, either change the 'master size & position' in the 'projector settings' menu item (which will 'flip' everything you project); or go to the 'projection zones' menu item, select 'zone1' (assuming you are using your main graphics scanner), then click 'adjust geometric correction'. click on 'size', then invert the image using the sliders at the bottom or side. you may need to 'output a simple test pattern on this zone' (click selection at bottom of page) to see the results.

    after either method, you will need to select the 'defaults' tab, and save your new settings into the ld.ini file or to a show-specific zone file.

    hope this helps....

  3. funny_laser

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    Hi Orange,

    there are no noob's.

    You can try to build a 'block of frames' in LD2000 and after that, flip your
    frames again. You should then see a question if you would like to flip only
    one frame or the complete block of frames ...