Image Synthesizer and unexplained happenings

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    In my endeavor to understand cue building a bit more, I've been deconstructing default cues and have run into a question I'm hoping someone can answer.

    I've found a couple of cues on the "Sheets" page that both exhibit the same behavior and I'm at a loss as to what mechanism is responsible.

    To Repro:

    Select the Sheets Page. Cue 33 is a pair of white horizontal lines which move diagonally from the top corners to bottom corners with delay between items.

    1. Edit Synthesized Image...
    2. Mute one of the two items
    3. On the unmuted item, select the Effects Tab on the right and uncheck each of the effects.

    You should now be left with a white horizontal line in the center of the editor, and it's oscillating between on and off according to some value of BPM. My question:

    What mechanism is causing this on/off behavior? If I edit the shape, it doesn't do it, but if I "show it now" in the image synthesizer it does. Anyone know?

    Cue 21 on the same page uses a similar mechanism.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Poking more into it, I can't seem to find where the delay between items is specified either...
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  2. Garrett_502

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    I just recreated it. That is weird. i don't understand why it's doing that either.
  3. hitekvoop

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    Thanks for confirming. I know it's just something hidden somewhere I haven't yet found. There is also a stop and play button in the image synth, what elements do these buttons control, exactly? The answer may be related...
  4. Garrett_502

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    From what I understand of the image synthesizer, the stop and play simply starts and pauses the animations/effects. When you press the stop button in this particular image, the flashing white line stops flashing, so I'm thinking there has to be some kind of effect happening here that we're just not seeing. Or, the 'on/off' flashing is some kind of 'indicator' of something else going on. But i really don't know. Perhaps Aaron or Alexey can shed some light on it?...
  5. -bart-

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    I guess these cues were made with a very very old version of QS.

    There used to be a timeline style interface where you could arrange the parts of the synth.

    This is no longer accessible for mere mortals, but it still works under the hood.
  6. ENOT

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    Hi Guys,

    Bart is right. At the beginning of QuickShow we had a timeline in Synth. Later this direction were blocked because of multiple reasons. But internally it works because of compatibility reasons.

    From time to time we talking about this internally, and one day the timeline in the synth might be restored. At the same time, the timeline is a limit - not everything should be based on time. And of course, we have a Timeline. I think this direction is a subject for discussion, and obviously there will be positive as well as negative effects.

    Best Regards,
  7. hitekvoop

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    OK, fair enough. Thanks for the explanation Bart and Alexey.