import markers from .csv (from export Reaper)


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Is there an option to import markers from a .csv file.
for example, a reaper marker output is shown as:

M2,Stage open + pulse ALL,00:01:50:18,FC7800
M3,pulse ODD,00:01:51:12,FC7800
M4,pulse EVEN,00:01:52:20,FC7800
M5,pulse ALL,00:01:53:15,FC7800
M6,pulse ALL,00:01:54:22,FC7800
M7,pulse ALL,00:01:55:17,FC7800
M8,pulse ODD,00:01:56:24,FC7800
M9,pulse EVEN,00:01:57:19,FC7800
Hello reaper,

Thanks for the question. Currently this is not possible, but I will ask our dev team to take a look at it. No prommises do!

If you have not assigned a colour to the marker in reaper, Beyond will not be able to import the marker file. All markers must have a colour assigned.
Hi Craig,

I do not see problem here at all. The test file I used:

M5,Line 2,00:20.5,,,FF00FF
M3,Lie 4,00:07.0,,,
M1,Line 6,00:00.3,,,

1st line - with color
2nd - with error data
3rd and others - no color at all.

All imported. Please send your file, so I can test it here.