import text in cue with OSC ?

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  1. Bjørn Dam Larsen

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    Hey everybody.

    - I am very new to Beyond. - Im currently working with Beyond Advanced 3.0 -

    At the moment im sending OSC messages from Max 7 to Beyond. So far I can start and stop cues, which is cool.


    I was wondering if it is possible to send a string of text directly to Beyond via OSC and insert it as text inside the advanced text editor in an empty cue with no pre-written text??

    Or might it be possible to open a .btxt file and import the textfile into a cue via an OSC message??

  2. ENOT

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    Thanks for question. There is general recommendation for such cases.

    1. In OSC to PangoScript you can use message-box command, and see parameters. You can read OSC parameter from the connected script. Example.

    DisplayPopup Param(0), Param(1)

    DisplayPopup is command, Param() is a function which read data supplied by calling point. It should work in DMX to PangoScript, MIDI to Pangoscript, OSC to PangoScript. Give it a try.

    2. Way attention to Yellow tag button, you can see it in Adv Text Editor, and other places. This button assign identifier. You can make Text object with exact identifier and control it from script or OSC. As example, you will add use identifier MyText then you can change text of this Text object as
    MyText.test = "this is a test".

    3, You have access to all objects of BEYOND over OSC over /b/ path. Example

    /b/mytext/text and your text as argument.

    Another example

    /b/maingraphics/sizex ....

    You can see existing objects in Tools -> Object Tree. This window shows the structure, properties and show how full identifier for OSC and Script.

    So,you can make text object, put into cue or timeline, and access it over /b/. You also we will WS object in the Object tree, you can address exact cues. So, basically you do not need set identifier if you will place objects into exact cue.