Important: Counterfeit / Pirate QuickShow discovered


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Hi folks,

Over the past few weeks, people have been complaining about their QuickShow system failing. This has been very odd, since QuickShow and the FB3 hardware are among the most reliable products ever created.

When these systems fail, customers return them to us for warranty repair. Much to our surprise, when we examine the systems, we find that they weren't even manufactured by Pangolin! They are apparently being manufactured by a company in either China or Taiwan. With this being the case, both Pangolin and also the customer are victims of piracy.

We created a page on our website that discusses all of this -- discusses how to recognize a counterfeit / pirate system, and with the request that, if you discover a counterfeit / pirate system, contact Pangolin to take the next steps. You can find the website page here:

Generally the steps would be:
1. Send your FB3 to Pangolin for examination and confirmation that it is a counterfeit / pirate unit.

2. Pangolin will make you an offer to exchange your counterfeit / pirate FB3 for a genuine one manufactured by Pangolin. There is a cost involved with this (we certainly don't want to incentivize the purchase of counterfeit units and then pay less to Pangolin than it would have been for a legitimate QS in the first place...)

3. We also believe it is a good idea to use this particular forum to discuss your purchases. Let your fellow laserist know who sold you the counterfeit /pirate product. This will help people avoid the companies who are selling the counterfeit / pirate units.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Pangolin at or at +1-407-299-2088.

Best regards,

Team Pangolin
WOW, I just had QuickShow fail on me while I was at a show. I called Pangolin and they verified that I have a counterfeit. I purchased mine at Emma Light located in China.

I sure hope Pangolin can stop this!

Thanks God mine is genuine, bought as 2nd hand from a private person at the US
I buy always from reliable sellers those who have good feedback from other people/laserist.

Pangolin has dropped the prices so it's not worth to get QS from chinese /ebay sellers because they have nice offer.
Emma Light Is making the counterfeit and I have the emails to prove it.

I will be a full rep for you guys and will send everyone I know to you :)
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Counterfeit FB3 Hardware

Hi Guys
I recently fell victim for counterfeit Pangolin FB3 hardware. I would just like to warn people who are buying from China, thinking it same thing but cheaper. It is not the same and it is just a knock off from the real deal. I bought mine from who claim they are the real deal. My 2pcs FB3 that i purchased stopped working after about 24 hours or less of use over 2 years. I am currently trying to seek compensation.
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Hi Guys
I recently fell victim for counterfeit Pangolin FB3 hardware. I would just like to warn people who are buying from China, thinking it same thing but cheaper. It is not the same and it is just a knock off from the real deal. I bought mine from who claim they are the real deal. My 2pcs FB3 that i purchased stopped working after about 24 hours or less of use over 2 years. I am currently trying to seek compensation.

Did you verify on the page below that they where actual fakes?
Fake FB3 Hardware

I did verify that it was a counterfeit item. I also noticed that on aliexpress they showed pictures that matches Pangolin's description of fake hardware.
Not from other company, from Agent for Pangolin In china
Paul Tan(2016-06-16 09:17:24)
They actually fake��
Paul Tan(2016-06-16 09:17:34)
i got proof
Andy Xiao(2016-06-16 09:18:08)
Fake ?
Paul Tan(2016-06-16 09:18:16)
Andy Xiao(2016-06-16 09:18:37)
I know they are counterfeit
Paul Tan(2016-06-16 09:18:49)
you kenw
Paul Tan(2016-06-16 09:18:52)
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I also purchased an FB3 from China that stopped working after just one day. It was purchased off of Alibaba by seller: Universial Stage Light_ skype:maylai9011

I'll be letting other light designers know to not purchase from China and hopefully Pangolin can prevent more of these fake boxes from being sold.
emma leigh skype: discolight11 - !!!! pirates !!!

QS bought in this shop. After 6 months, he broke down.Began to burn yellow light, and there is no output to the projector. But I enjoyed it a total of 9 times. So. if not professional and bought for home use as a hobby. I paid $ 380. It broke. Such as I am not alone! I asked the seller, he asked me to send it back to the store- I refused! What for??? If this pirate produk and he still broke! I pay the money back and send ??? This crooks, I very much hope that the firm pangolin punish them for all the rigor of the law !!! I feel sorry for those who have suffered from this store is a link to SHOP !!!!, emma light skype: discolight11 !!!! Do not look at the positive reviews - it's crooks, liars and sellers of pirated !!!!!! Room pirate controller - 062943!!! The most interesting is that they are still selling and link to company pangolin and 100 percent of the original! Fraudsters !!!
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Counterfit fb3 quickshow

Hey guys,

I purchased a counterfit fb3 unit from Grace stage Lighting out of China who I met at LDI sometime ago. Not only was it a counterfit but they had also lied to me that they are one of the re sellers for quickshow. And they would guarantee me technical support and make sure it is an American made product. Which was also a lie.

The unit overheats and it almost looks identical to the one quickshow making it hard to know if it's real or fake. But please go onto quickshow website and they can clarify details on how to check!

However, Justin perry from quickshow has been kind enough to help me and try to sort this out.
Yeah I'm also another victim of fake FB3sq / Quickshow from China. Mine stopped working after 2 months of usage. Which lead me to this forum.
Mine was brought on the 20th March 2016 from Mark Wu of EMMA LIGHT AND SOUND(HK)CO.,LTD.
It seems like this company has some very bad reputation on this forum . I will never purchase anything again from them. And I hope Pangolin's lawyers will go after them & succeed...
Looks like there are many of us who fell victim to the "oh yes yes it's original pangolin product we are distributor" crap.
I purchased mine from aliexpress back in February from LH-LASER in China
I didn't really put too many hours on it, it worked fine right up until about a month ago when at first it started showing waving images (looks just like a bad ground but worse), this was a sign of bad things to come and sure enough a few days later after trying to chase potential wiring issues in the projector (obviously not the problem) colour outputs just stopped and the flashing red led put a end to the fun.

The guys at Pangolin have been really good in helping us out and personally this is my opportunity to jump on the FB4, Its the future of projectors and a perfect time as ever to pick one up.. Maybe a discount deal? That would be great..
Well it seems like 2 weeks along the blue usb cable that came with my fake Quickshow also failed !
IT'S A BLOODY USB CABLE, how can that fail ?
but fail it did. (replacing that cable fixed the problem.)
So not only did the fake FB3sq die on me , also the blue usb cable.
It seems like every bloody thing made in China is CRAP...
Counterfeit FB3's stop beam outputting-no red light


I am another victim of the counterfeit FB3's from Emma light in China. The unit lasted 6 months with occassional use. The Pangollin site description of the fakes is accurate,

All Laserists beware !
Emma Light


I have also been a victim of the Emma light scam product of the controller and software.

I will be in contact to hopefully get it resolved


I am another victim of the counterfeit FB3's from Emma light in China. The units lasted about 4 months with occassional use.
However, Justin Perry from Pangoli has been kind enough to help me and try to sort this out.
Lets put a stop to these counterfeit !!!

I am another victim of the counterfeit FB3's from Emma light in China. Grrr:mad:! Fellow Laser-ist's be careful! Companies out there are very VERY misleading and will convince you they are an authorized seller!

Always best to buy directly with Pangolin! TRUST ME! I was in the middle of a show on a Carnival-Cruise and the FB3's shut the whole show off!

Don't learn the hard way! Make sure you do your research and make sure you are using the real thing!

What these counterfeit companies don't understand is that software is always changing and being upgraded so these counterfeits don't stand a chance and will stop working as soon as there are software changes!

Lets put an end to these non-authorized dealers!!!
Counterfeit Quick Show products

Hi so I saved up most of the summer , cause I was wanting to build a laser show to the next level. Not being very experienced in DMX, I seen Quick Show. Thought great here's a product I can learn. I'm a lot more intuitive when it comes to software. So I was able to get the product out of China for 540.00 plus shipping which set me back 711.00. I'd been setting up an working with it at home as I had some DJ's an promotors interested in having me preform. I was working with it when it all shut down an I got a yellow light appearing. Thinking as a tech, I tried reinstall of the software which did nothing. Next I went an bought a new DB25 cord. Tried that, I'd get a green light till I started the software. So took my laptop to a tech friend of mine just to get a second pair of eyes on the deal. Same thing, frustrated I called Pangolin, upon sending in pictures of the unit, was informed I could have a counterfeit unit. So I saved up sent my unit down to them an after inspection have been informed its counterfeit. The box had a old serial number on it, had their emblem on it, pictures look legit on the site from the store called iZone. So I lost doing the shows, this has s**ked as I could be out there learning an doing events. I hope Pangolin can put a stop to these units as there's always 2 victims. The buyer an the company.
I love Christmas, every year I decorate my house with a lot of Christmas lights. Late last year (2015) near Christmas time I started looking around for a laser lights system to enhance the decorations. After looking on Ebay and Aliexpress I couldn’t decide on what to get, I read a lot about the different laser and software systems available on the market and I learned that the Pangolin Quickview was the best in the market. I saw the Pangolin Quickview on sale on Aliexpress from CHINA and decided to buy it. Being that it was past Christmas time I didn’t buy any laser projector and decided that in 2016 I would buy it. I put the Pangolin Quickview that I purchased on Aliexpress aside until Christmas of 2016.

At the end of November 2016 I purchased the laser projector and began my frustration of discovering that the laser system that I put together didn’t work. After trying different things to see if I could narrow down the problem but always came up inconclusive. I must have uninstalled and re-installed the Quickshow software about 3 times on 3 different computers and the end result was always the same. No laser light when enabled in the software. I contacted the Laser projector manufacturer and he said that their units get tested with the Pangolin Quickview before they ship out and the problem must be with the Quickshow software. I finally decided to call Pangolin and inquire about the FB3 QS interface. The technician was very helpful. He advised me to run a couple of tests to see if the problem was the FB3 QS interface box. The technician also informed me that the Quickshow software and the FB3 QS interface could be a counterfeit and he provided me with link to a webpage to see if the Quickshow software and the FB3 QS is counterfeit. Well after reviewing the webpage, as per Pangolin my Quickshow software and the FB3 QS interface IS a counterfeit.

This seller, (LED&LASER effects light manufacturer) based in China really fooled me, and they are still selling laser products on Aliexpress website. I had no idea that I purchased a counterfeit Pangolin Quickshow software and the FB3 QS . This explains all the frustration I had for 5 days trying to get the laser system going. I advise everyone; when you are looking for something for a project and reliability plays a crucial part in your project, always look for genuine merchandise. Pay special attention when buying anything from CHINA.
Stop the presses ! SOS ! Please stop buying your laser gear from fraudulent China. I to bought from Aliexpress in China and my laser show went 6 feet under. Just to save a buck alone should be a dead give away that something is not right. I learned my lesson. Buy from the true maker...Pangolin laser systems and avoid fraudulent equipment. Thank you Pangolin for all your help from a to z.....