Important: Counterfeit / Pirate QuickShow discovered

Hello to everybody .
We've been same in two words of saying in bad situation and had a big problem during in show time .
Basically we purchased Quickshow from China mainland exactly from REKE LASER equipment , also expecting to solve this issue urgently .
Hope this would never happen to anyone.
bonjour à tous,
Attention au sit suivant:
Celui-ci vends des faux Boîtiers pangolin Dont J'ai Ete victim. V oulant Profiter D'une économie de 30% du prix moyen, il m'en Coûte frais d'envoies inclus, Verser verser expertise, à envi 400 €. (Fait perdu).
Pour information, sous garantie, le vendeur M'a Proposé le retour du boitier à mes frais, et d'en Renvoyé Un autre en échange (surement faux bien sur).
DEPUIS, Aucune réponse du vendeur Suite à mon dernier message lui demandent le Remboursement.
ALORS méfions-nous des Offres trop basses de chine.


Hello everyone, Attention to the following sit: This one sells fake boxes pangolin Dont I was victim. V ouant Profit From a saving of 30% of the average price, it costs Costs including shipping, Pour pourer expertise, at envi 400 €. (Lost). For information, under warranty, the seller has offered me the return of the box at my expense, and of Returned Another in exchange (surely false of course). SINCE, No response from seller Following my last message ask for the Refund. SO beware of Offers too low of china.
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Topic scam to the "quick show" box.

Hello everyone,
If you read this message, it may not be too late to warn you about this company. For short, I have a small association discomobile passionate and we do only a few evenings a year. However, we were victims of a copy of the QUICK SHOW case. It is essential to avoid QS boxes at low prices and especially not to order on the site ALIEXPRESS or other Chinese site. Because in wanting to win up to 30%, I gained the impossibility of being able to use it that broke down after three uses. So I lost the investment plus the scheduled evenings to its use. A real galley. Since my refund request, more than new from the seller and this one has changed the price: to $ 470 (before 315 €). Here is the link from the seller where I bought the QS box case.
Vendor Name: emma light skype: discolight11


For safety, consider checking the serial numbers of the future case or conspire the site of pangolin which gives all the details of a false case.
So make the right choice.
We also got caught up in the counterfeit Fb3 scam. I bought some from a company claiming they where Pangolin Dealers from China "Universal Stage Light" in October 2015.
The price was low below $400. At the time I thought they where buying directly from Pangolin in large quantities and that's whey they where selling for such a good price.
We later found out that there where fraudulent copies being made. I sent these Fb3's into Pangolin. Now we just by direct from Pangolin since we have been are aware of this illegal activity.


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Hi All

i have also fallen victim to cheap chinese counterfeit FB3 controller, Pangolin has a great product in Quickshow and now i cant use it as i have a cheap ripoff, i purchased mine through a company
i did however get a full refund, so was lucky.

return your faulty units back to Pangolin and receive a new unit at a discounted price, fair is fair.

thanks to Aaron at Pangolin for the ongoing support


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Bought one 2nd hand off eBay UK for £200 - turns out to be a fake. Pangolin want me to ship it to the colonies to be able to buy one for "twice what I paid" which is not an attractive proposition. I will therefore return it to the seller for a refund and it will no doubt end up being someone else's problem in the future..IMG_0654.JPG
Can anyone tell me if FB3 controllers with Made in Slovenia on the serial label are FAKES ?

there is someone in ebay trying to sell one, and it has this on the label.
Hey Guys!

I also got caught by this scam, the only reason I bought from Aliexpress is that our local supplier didn't have in stock. I basically paid the same as what the FB3 would cost new. On the website they even claim that the product is 100% original. (I guess I should have known)

I bought the interface from "Laser Light Store" on Aliexpress Store number 1657011

Here is a snapshot of the transaction

>> Package Included

1. Flashback FB3-QS interface box: 4.2x2.8x1.3 inch (110x71x33 mm)
2. Latest version of QuickShow on DVD including tutorial videos
3. USB cable, to connect your computer to the Flashback FB3 box
4. Nearly 2000 pre-loaded cues

Real picture: 100% Original version from USA
Thanks for letting us know. Yes, Emma Light was the first one reported, and seems like the most vigorous offender. We're preparing our legal case and all of this evidence helps. If you are able, please return the FB3 to them and report the situation to Alibaba. Otherwise contact us directly to arrange a trade-in replacement. Unfortunately, the trade-in will require you to spend more money, so try to exercise reporting it to Alibaba and getting your money back from them first.
Got screwed over by EMMA LASER Mr. Mark Wu to. Stay away form this scammer! Absolute horror projectors and fake FB3's.
I already outed him on his Youtube channel. I hope Pangolin squeezes his balls good...... :mad:
Hello! I bought a projector and a program of a Quickshow along with a fb3 connector in China. Everything worked well with the old version of the Quickshow 2.5 , but then I updated it to the new version 3.0 and everything stopped working when I click on the button to output on the cue, the fb3 blinks in yellow and does not release the rays, then changes the ILDA cable to another one, and the beginning show the animation is very weak and only red color. What to do?
Purchased from emma light, quick working after 5 shows. found out this was counterfit. sending back to pangolin
On November 5, 2017 I purchased the QS FB3 and software It worked fine for a little while but then they failed. After going through all the trouble shooting by changing ilda cables, USB cables, checking zones and settings in the software and installed the software on 2 other computers that I had... I was at a loss . Then I decided to call Pangolin to see if they could help me with the problem. Well I found out that what I thought I bought wasn't the real deal. The FB3 QS interface IS a counterfeit! I bought it on Ali Express and thought I was getting a deal only to find out I will end up spending a lot more to correct this problem.. I should have just went right to Pangolin to buy my FB3s. The technician was very helpful. They informed me that the Quickshow software and the FB3 QS interface could be a counterfeit and they provided a link to a webpage to see if the Quickshow software and the FB3 QS is counterfeit. After looking at the pictures I saw the differences between the counterfeit FB3s and the Pangolin FB3s. Lesson learned... Get the REAL DEAL!
We are sorry to hear about the troubles you had, but we are glad that you are finally up and running. Of course we agree. For best results customers should purchase either directly from Pangolin, or from a genuine Pangolin dealer.
A few months ago I received a Flashback from a friend as a gift. Obviously, I was over the moon as I’ve been using their products for the past couple of years and am starting to work more and more with lasers in particular. The product seemed to be the real deal: it looked like the other, original Flashbacks I already had in my possession. It had a serial number and all the correct elements to make it look like an actual Pangolin product. However, after working like a charm for about 4 months, it suddenly crashed. I tried everything to get it back on track, and eventually reached out to Pangolin for instructions as I didn’t understand what was going wrong. Only then did we discover that this product was apparently a illegal copy, bought from a Chinese but legit looking webshop. The product was somewhat cheaper than the original, but not so much as to raise too much suspicion. The Pangolin crew has since been immensely helpful, even though they don’t have any obligations towards an illegally bought copy. That’s why I’m putting my story out there: to say thanks and to warn other laser enthousiasts. Even though it looks legit, serial number and all, if it’s cheaper, it’s probably a fake. The money you save isn’t worth it in the long run – seriously. Because of the whole ordeal, I was one Flashback short for a show that I spent months programming and preparing and in the end it’s costing more than what my friend initially saved by buying me the cheaper version. Thanks for all the help, Pangolin crew
Geerts tim
Thanks for the comments Tim! We are sorry that you had to have *any* bad experiences with the counterfeits. I do believe we are making headway on preventing the sale of counterfeits, but it is taking a long time. The Chinese government puts all kinds of roadblocks in the way of US companies trying to defend intellectual property...
I borrowed a FB3 from a friend(it was purchased from China and and much cheaper) and later when I registered Beyound.
I found that the serial number on the back is different from the serial number read by the software.
Perhaps this is a method of check?
img_20180824_142604.jpg IMG_2185 (1).JPG