Important: Counterfeit / Pirate QuickShow discovered

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    Thanks for thinking with us, it is is indeed something that raises red flags, however, there are clones out there with matching serial numbers. So we cannot use this as "leading" method.
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    I had purchased an QSFB3 from a seller on AliExpress to find out after talking with tech support at Pangolin that it is a fake now I have fallen victim to these dishonest China seller: Guangzhou Bright Dream Stage Light Equipment Co., Ltd. last year and has stopped working.

    I'm ready to work along side Pangolin in to get $$$Payback!.

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    Hi there this site is also pirate
    € 302,06 | Nieuwe versie 3.0 usb laserlicht software quick show laser systerm Pangolin usb controller voor laserlicht
    Don’t buy youre stuff here its fake !!
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    Hi All,
    Sometime in september i have bought online a pangolin dongle on Marktplaats ( dutch version of e bay ). I have used it untill my new computer system arrived and was online.
    i took my system back to the phillipines, where i made the setup complete in my pool area. this contains 4 full color lasers and the 4 fb3 controllers.
    i plug in the wifi, last updates from QS installed and suddenly i missed one of my main lasers there, didnt work and see only a flashing orange light, as soon as laser output was enabled.

    after looking what the problem could be, exchanging usb cable and usb socket, no improvement, i got in contact with a dutch friend of me and showed me the counterfeit website of pangolin.
    only after opening the dongle it was clear i did not get an original dongle.
    unfortunately i couldnt trace back the seller on marktplaats, but bells started to ring inside my head because what i seen on the counterfeit website.

    The box was not as clear printed as the original boxex from pangolin, the cd quality of the print also was not bright.
    the standard blue USB cable was black. It was also the first time i recieved a cd, on the other original ones i recieved and USB with QS3.

    so be very carefull in Holland when every you buy an used FB3 dongle and bring a small allen key to check the usb connectior in the bottom side.

    there i use the laser system a lot in the Phillipines, i had to order a new one, And the system is up and running again, and learned a valuable lesson, buying cheap is not always the best way, it can cost in the end a lot more.
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    Well my issue is a throwback - I put all my laser hardware in storage a couple years ago. Pulled everything out this past week to prep for the first gig in a long while and during the update process, 1 box just would not do the update. I tried multiple computers, cables, etc - my second FB3 updated fine on a clean install (the box I purchased from Pangolin directly). However the other box simply would not update. Enter Pangolin support with the message that the box is counterfeit! I purchased used in 2014 and it worked until at least the time I put it into storage - but turns out it was a fake.

    Unfortunately I bought it so long ago I can't even get the name/records as it was an ebay purchase (USA seller) - and the WORST part is that looking at my invoice I paid about 15% off the new price and got a fake!!!! GAH!!!! Fool me once.

    Anyways, I wish I had more details of my cautionary tale beyond - just buy from Pangolin. JUST BUY FROM PANGOLIN!!! Save lots of frustration.
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    Hi I also bought quickshow from China it lasted 21 months and failed. I sent it back to pangolin for checking and they told me it is counterfeit it shows on the bottom it was made in Solivina and sold on Alibaba.
    The seller was LIyu 0513. It is not worth buying cheap from china when they burn out after 21 month it has cost me over $1000 now to replace it.

    William Wiliams
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    I also purchased some FB3 at AliExpress, they all are counterfeit and broke down.
    Hope Pangolin can do something about this!.
    Sellers are contacted but they don't care and still keep selling this stuff....
    What can Pangolin do to help me out?

    these are the names :
    SHEHDS Official Store
    Universial Stage Light_ skype:maylai9011

    Best regards,
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    Please contact us at support [at]