importing DMX Status into Slider status

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    HI all,

    I am currently setting up a new Universe page for controlling all fixtures inside my studio.
    Until now I set up several faders and XY-controlls to allow simple adjustment for e.g. four installed washlights, fog machines, Screens, motor mirrors...

    What I am currently missing is a function, that allows to simply Import the current global DMX channel values into the sliders of "quick dmx".
    Why? --> because this would enable a very simple but powerful feature to easily set up DMX cues by:
    1. align the DMX Scene in Pango Universe
    2. Import the "global" DMX channel status into "Quick DMX"
    3. save as scene in Quick DMX
    4. set up the next cue and follow again above steps...

    To summarize:
    There should be a function called e.g. "copy current DMX Output value status to Quick-DMX sliders"

    Any ideas how this could be realized?

    Best regards,
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    You might want to suggest this on the new bug tracker we have running: Link