Impossible to adjust LiveQ geometric correction for floor advertising (Y axis)

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    Impossible to adjust LiveQ geometric correction for floor advertising (Y axis is not symmetric)

    Hardware used is:
    Flashback FB3SE
    Green Laser (532nm) from LightLaser LD, 20 Kpps, 60mW
    ILDA cable connection


    The application is used for floor advertising on the company reception.
    To ensure the eyes safety regulation the laser is placed very low on the floor (about 50cm height), this ensure than no human being or animal can watch directly the laser. The graphic zone target is 3mx1m (on the floor).

    By adjusting the geometric correction, it is expected to create a workable symmetric graphic zone.
    The adjustment of size, position and rotation and X linearity is conform to expectation, however no solution has been found to reach a symmetric Y linearity (see picture attached):

    As you can see from the picture the Y axis is not symmetric even if adjust the Linearity setting.
    The result is that a image near the laser will look small and the same image far will look bigger.

    Do you have any additional solution to extend and improve Pangolin Y linearity setting.
    Of course this is possible by resize the graphic in the cue, however this is not a very professional solution and as our floor advertising is constantly changing we need a workable solution.

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  2. Pangolin

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    You need to adjust the "linearity". That is the particular setting you need.

    Have you tried QuickShow? I believe it offers a greater degree of control over geometry...

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Hi William,
    sorry to come back to you only now, the project has been put on old for a while but now there is a big client interested.

    I did try to adjust the "linearity" as you adviced, but has very little range for a symmetric Y linearity. Is it possible to farther extend the linearity setting ?

    Where can we download QuickShow? is it free ?

    Best regards,

    Andrea Barca
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    It's available on the Pangolin 'Software Updates' page.
  5. AndreaBarca

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    Hi William,
    we strongly believe that Laser advertising could be a very promising new
    field for laser and laser application. We have a big customer interested to invest.
    However we are still not able to make it work properly with neither QuickShow or LiveQ.

    The range to adjust "linearity" on the Y axis is very short in Pangolin SW. All other parameters can be adjust very well.

    As you see from the picture attached, the workable symmetric graphic zone is based on an angle of about 2.5 degree and on a surface of about 12m2 (6m x 2m). So the Y axis is very long and Y linearity is very important.

    Can you please check with your application engineer a solution to
    extend the "linearity" on the Y axis so that it look symmetric on the entire graphic zone ? Near the laser the symmetry is good, but far is not symmetric any longer, even if I adjust as much as the SW allow.

    We understand that laser SW were not designed for floor advertising on such strange graphic zone, however it could be a very profitable new application that our marketing believe it could sell well in the market.

    If you like I can send you more information/video/picture. What´s your email ?


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  6. AndreaBarca

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    No answer from you experts ?????

    No answer from you experts ?????
  7. lasero2000

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    contact pangolin

    hi andrea,

    the fastest way to contact bill or any pangolin staff is to use the contact form on the pangolin website.