incorrect visualization; effects window in showtime

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by lorenzopompei, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    hi all,
    I have this problem in showtime: the effects window appears correct, if the downgrade version 4.0 I see correctly, but with 4.5, 5 and 5.5 I see the window cut.
    anybody have the same problem?
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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Please post a screen shot of what you are experiencing as I have never had a report of somethign similar.
  3. Dr. Burn

    Dr. Burn Member

    I got the same Problem at any resolution
    it renders me to 0 capabilities to change or do new effects
  4. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    like this Windows?

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  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I think this is related to a display setting concerning "DPI". I have seen something similar to your screen shot when this setting is set to Large Size as opposed to Normal.

    The setting is in the Advanced Display settings (in XP); I think it is in a similar location in Windows 7.
  6. Lasertom

    Lasertom Member

    Same problem as attached picture.- Its a brand new ThinkPad with Win7...
    I tried different resolutions , icon-size.- but no solution for this problem... Pangolin 5.5
    If i change to different settings (DPI) and effect-window will be OK, The Frame-counter in LD2000 ( top left) will be blank.
    The question is: How to can change in LD/ST programming software the resolution-border, to avoid this problem?

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  7. german

    german Member

    Hello .... you can try this settings by right-clicking the showtime symbol.
    Since i use this settings i have no more problems with showtime under windows 7.

    best regards

  8. Lasertom

    Lasertom Member

    Hi Uwe, thanks, but it doesn´t help.
    I think the issue is present with newer HD-Screens ( 1920x1080).- Independent of choosing different display resolutions or change settings in service-pack.

    If Beyond cannot import complex LD-Shows from ST2000, many good shows must be play via ST. zones and target beams must be edit too. Thereso its
    important to work forward with ST. Have Pangolin a good solution for this problem???
  9. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I have tried to reproduce this but cannot. My display may not be "HD" enough even though I can use higher resolutions; 1900 x 1200 is the closest to 1920 x 1080. I will try on a few other comptuers/monitors to see if I can see this for myself.

    As for BEYOND importing ST shows; I have not had any problems for a while. Which shows are you finding "too complex" for BEYOND to import? If you send in examples we can work to improve BEYOND's ST Show import feature.
  10. Lasertom

    Lasertom Member

    Hi Aaron,
    At the moment, the Display Problem will be not solved. I use the new ThinkPad HD Notebook. Win7.

    About Import ST-Shows in Beyond:
    The issue will be present when using different Zones in one Track(Timeline).
    -> Target Beams.
    How to adjust the beams in Beyond to targeting mirrors? Or is there an easy option to replace ST-Target-Beams in Beyond-Target beams?

  11. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    Hi Tom,

    before importing a ST show you can edit the "Zone Explorer" to select what "ST-zone" number will be transferred to what "Beyond-zone" name.


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  12. Lasertom

    Lasertom Member

    Hi Stingray,
    Yes, Thank you.- But the problem will be the imported ST-Shows of Zone-Based Frames of different projectors. Routing in Beyond can only bridge one Zone and ST Module. Ok, it is possible to edit it in Beyond.- But horrible when have 100 of beats of selected target beams in different projector zones in ST