Incorrectly import ILD. from ILD SOS in Pangolin

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  1. Raider

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    Hello !
    I used Pangoline intro and ILDsos, and have problem with import .ILD in Pangoline.
    I do so:
    1) in ILDA SOS load .dxf or .pic and save it in ilda( vary type 0,1,5)
    2) in Showeditor in frame list load .ild file. Here i see my animations but ALL LINE IS ONLY BLANKING. IT IS MY PROBLEM. Why? what should I do?
    3)but I did not give up, and made ​​the following:
    Load LD2000 and in frame list this .ild file.
    I made "CONVERT IN VECTOR ORIENT." And MIRACLE! IN LD2000 all ok!
    In Showtime frame change, but it not correctly, appeared SHIFT BLANKING AND IT IS MY PROBLEM.

    All the above steps, i saved in the file, and show in a ILDA player doing well.
    Help me, what should I do?
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    i'm not sure if your problem is resolved already.
    But under color Enchance please set all 3 shift options to the value 2.

    One thing though, since Ild SOS is not pangolin software (but completely seperate) you should be posting this on the photonlexicon forums. :)

    best regards,