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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by stok, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. stok

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    I just upgraded to the latest beyond 4 version and so automatically upgraded the FB3. Now if I increase the scan rate my beyond stops reacting for few seconds (5-10sec differs each time). In this time no input to beyond is possible. Cannot change anything. Output stays on. After this no problems everything works normal again. I just loose control of it for a few seconds.

    I don't have any performance problems before(few years). Don't think it is my PC.
    Specs PC:
    Windows 10
    intel processor i7
    8GB memory

    Anyone recognizes this?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hello Stok,

    There are currently no known issues but please make sure you have pressed "update" in the top menu bar so that you use the latest version.

    Are you able to replicate the problem and did you test if the problem persists in a clean folder?

    How to:
    Copy "BEYOND.exe" & "license.bmp" into a new empty directory and open BEYOND in that directory; see if the problem also occurs in there.
  3. stok

    stok Member

    I can replicate it. I will do a clean folder install. Let you know.
  4. stok

    stok Member

    Deleted old beyond folder. I have done a complete reinstall. System did a auto beyond software update.

    The problem is still there only repeatable with one image. When I use the standard image supplied with the install in the logo tab and then the "BP" logo the problem appears when I set scan rate to maximum 50K. This is a logo with a lot of points maybe this can be a reason? I can repeat the error multiple times.
  5. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Stok, Glad to know problem can be repeated. Please open BEYOND folder, you will see folder Logs. Inside of it log files, each has date and time. Please send to me log file (report @, I need one log from the session when you had problem. There is one more place to check. BEYOND folder may have sub folder SendToPangolin. If ti exists, then send to me all ziip files from this folder.

    10-15 seconds delay - there must be a hint in the log, it looks like handled exception. Lets check the logs first.
  6. stok

    stok Member

    Hi Enot,
    I have send you the files. Time it is hanging varies very much. Most of it 2,3 sec but sometimes much longer 10-15sec. Decreasing the scanrate helps to get control back again. Do not now if other images have these problems too but I have it with the BP logo and it is happens always when I use this logo and increase the scanrate. I do not need this logo but it seems not good to loose the controle whenever. If you need some more testing for me to do let me know.
    Goodluck i'm curious if you can find it.
  7. stok

    stok Member

    I have this problem with all images that uses a lot of points and a high scan rate >45K. Almost all standard supplied raster scanning images. (Earth, basebal, footbal) Never had any problems with earlier versions. Am i the only one?
  8. stok

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    Just bought two FB4 and now the software was always stuck like discibed above not only at scan increase but I have found the problem. I just discovered that my midi mapping from the apc20 was causing the problem. Maybe it was corupted during a update?? Cleared the midi mapping. added a all new midi settings. Problem solved. Works great now.

    Loving the FB4's!!!!