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    Only new shapes, ore some selected frames can use with a Gamepad?
    Than just being there is an Input menu with Gamepad Option.

    Is a general position/rotation move possible with a Gamepad (with all Frames)?

    How? Only with PangoScript?

    Ideal thing would be to be able to steer the Options in the "Position and Rotation" window.

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    I recommend to change point of view. “General setupâ€￾ method has negative consequences, it confirmed by experience of LivePRO development. This application has multiple specialized systems. Special MIDI, special gamepad, special DMX, and so on. Result – duplication in code, more things to learn, no uniform model, and so on. This will not happen in BEYOND.

    Top most level logic. In BEYOND there thing that generate points (Images such as frames, shapes, etc), and there are things that modify points – Effects. The Effect embedded in almost every place where it may be required. In cues, in zones, in FX tab, in Synth, Shape, in Universe, and so on. Gamepad can be used in all places where you can use Effect. This part of BEYOND has name “Inputâ€￾, and allow to use VARIOUS types of input in Effects. Various means – MIDI, DMX, Gampad, Audio, Channels, and so on. One uniform strategy, without any scripting. You may consider using Effect in Master LC, or in Universe (it also work as master), in each or some Projection Zones. Take a look at Projection Zones dialog, it has Effect tab. This is quick, script free way to control the laser output.

    Users who wants more should take a look at PangoScrtipt. One of main reason why PangoScript appeared is point-to-point connection, connection between input from some device and reaction reaction BEYOND. It made mostly for MIDI and DMX, but the same method work for Gamepad.

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    thats the solution

    thats the solution, Thanks Alexey!!