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    Im just curious and have to ask , Does anyone have any issues with enttec dmx ? Let me define my trouble . When i do a full audio / laser production show and use the dmx feature , sometimes i might throw a couple dmx laser projectors on the stage sides behind the screen for extra laser angle fillers . I will do all my lighting checks earlier that day . I would typically leave the computer running until show time but turn all power off on the stage to the units . When its showtime and power is turned back on , The dmx interface is then no where to be found in the system . the only way i know that works to reboot the enttec DMX is to turn the whole computer off and reboot "everything" from scratch causing me to loose all my focuses i did with my ILDA lasers earlier that day . It sucks to do focuses live in front of an audience and does not look all that professional on my end . It tarnishes the wow factor if im shooting lasers while peeps are walking in the venue . Basically if i shut off the power on the stage units, it gets lost and no easy enttec dmx recovery .

    What would you guys recommend ?
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    A. Once you set up your projector settings zone settings
    and posithioned you cues and show
    save your workspace and your show.
    Than see what happens when you reboot your computer.
    Everything should go back in place.
    B. Check your show before people are coming, and don't turn off anything
    until the end of the night.
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    Actually, it sounds like it could be more of a computer-related issue than external hardware.

    There is a strong possibility your computer is set to turn off USB ports/devices as part of its power saving profile.
    Assuming you're running a Windows PC, go into Device Manager, and make sure the power save feature is turned OFF on each of your USB ports and devices.

    Check the configuration utilities for any connected hardware and make sure power saving features, if any, are disabled.

    It might not be a bad idea to disable power saving features entirely on your show computer, and maybe do a quick spot-check activation of all your connected hardware just prior to show time to make sure everything is "awake" after sitting unattended. A quick zone check with all your lasers is not only a good safety check to perform just prior to the show, but it will also help warm-up the lasers and help stabilize the color balance in multi-color projectors.
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    Thanks " Aricha " for your post . Your replies are great advice . I honestly always do two safety check list pre every show . The last one before doors open . This was the time frame of what i was referring to . But great advice ! I think the reply from " Stuka " is dead on to the problem . A few days ago the dmx cut out again on its own without shutting off the power to the units . I just had the computer serviced and the time out feature must of got set back on . Thats about the time frame that this started .
    That was a great call " Stuka " !!! Thank you to the both of you for your advice and help . Its much appreciated . Take care
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    Remove the driver from the enttec with the driver removal utility from Enttec it self:

    Link to drivers and tools

    The use the driver from Enttec!
    Enttec made some modification on their drivers.

    This might also work.