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    I do appolagise that almost my first post is a please help post ive only had Beyond for 6-8 weeks, however ive been involved with ilda lasers for 4-5 yrs now.

    Hi all i hope this is a just some thing ive done silly.

    we have a production system in the DJ booth running Martin M-PC and Beyond to run a small rgb projector.

    All was well untill i brought the FB3 DAC upto another machine to get beyond happy again ( i think you can run 15-30 days ) of line for pre production etc.

    Anyway that worked fine the pre-production machine now starts ok with no timer message.

    Now however the live system is kicking up a stink the usb is attached and shows a green light, but the software is stating

    "Laser output is not allowed because the controller hardware with the licence file is not currently colle"

    It would be a real blow to not be able to use this for NYE

    any help on this matter would be appreciated.
  2. ENOT

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    Dear BEYOND User,

    Please open the folder where installed BEYOND software, and you will see Log subfolder. Inside it you will see multiple log files, each of them has date and time in the name. Send to us log file that correspond to the day when you saw a green led and message "Laser output is not allowed". The best way is to check log file. Also, I should remind that if you want to have laser output from BEYOND that must be used at least one license.bmp with corresponding Pangolin hardware. You can not authorize BEYOND by one controller and use with another. Email for log file is report at pangolin dot com.

    Best Regards,

  3. zerowaitstate

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    I will send the file. note that at no point has there been a switch in FB3 units, I only have one at this point.

    I only have one Fb3, the beyond SW has been installed on 3 separate boxes

    1 DJ pre-production box. - windows 7. this had expired and been updated ok, by adding fb3, launching beyond.
    2 Vision pre production box. - windows 8 this had expired and was enabled with the same method as above.
    3 Production system (live). - windows 8. there was no ill effect when updating #1 the unit was returned to the production machine. two weeks later when doing the update of #2 the problem occurred and our live machine is not working.

    The issue may be caused as the production system is not on the web
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  4. ENOT

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    Dear Zerowaitstate,

    Please provide log files and I will be able to give exact answer and offer a solution.

    Best Regards,

  5. zerowaitstate

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    issue resolved

    Not sure what the cause was but once disconnecting the system up to a location where net was available it immediately too the lic file ok.
    my feeling it that probably the system needed to be powered down not just rebooted.

    If this occurs again will of course forward the logs as requested.

  6. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    The system made simply. It check connected Pangolin hardware and license(s) file. As soon as there is a lic file for the hardware, then BEYOND will run fully functional. Network or reboot is not required.

    Best Regards,