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  1. ping141

    ping141 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to jump to next or a given timemarker in a timeline?

  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    With Pangoscript its possible.

    try using the PangoScripts :

    TimelinePlayFromMarker ""
    Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 13.39.10.png
  3. ping141

    ping141 Well-Known Member

    Hi and thanks! I'm able to run the named ones, but not prev or next...

    In my Pangoscript I don't have the options of "next marker" or "previous marker". I have Beyond Ultimate 1186

    timeline.PNG pango.PNG pango.PNG
  4. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    upload_2019-9-16_19-30-11.png Hi, everyone! What's wrong with these buttons? No hotkeys?

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  5. ping141

    ping141 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Got it sort of working. But these commands jump to any clip in the timeline. Is there a way to jump straight to timeline markers?

    Thanks again!
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member


    TimelinePlayFromMarker "marker"
    Not allow you to enter a specific marker?
  7. ping141

    ping141 Well-Known Member

    I can jump to a named marker, but it would be useful to be able to just jump to the next, instead of having to write a separate script for each jump.

    What I’m looking for is a way to build segments in a timeline and by one button being able to jump to the next segment, by using a marker for each segment.
  8. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Right. Right now there is a problem. Action for TimelineNextMarker is "jump to next edit point", which is wrong, or at least confusing.

    From build 1284 TimelineNextMarker/TimelinePrevMarker will work with markers. For "POI" - I made two new commands, TimelineNextEditPoint and TimelinePrevEditPoint

    Let me know if you have questions
  9. ping141

    ping141 Well-Known Member

    Hi! Great! Will 1284 pop up as an update (if I have activated beta updates), in Beyond automatically? If not, I'd like to try it if possible. :)
  10. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Contact me
  11. ping141

    ping141 Well-Known Member

    I sent you a Mail. :)
  12. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    I noticed