Key Effects, Channel value, Channel Shift, channel multiplier

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    Can someone give me more details how the Key channel effects work with timeline?
    -channel value
    -channel shift
    -channel multiplier
    What does each means?

    I'm assuming these effects are for changing the value (for example channel value) of a channel (1..255) with a position key?
    Does this effect work directly with the channels locate in the channel tab or we are talking here about other channels?
    I used the channel value effect in timeline, it seems that the value changes according the positions of the keys, but does not change the value in the channel tab.
    They have direct relation?

    I'm a little confused with these effects.

    No details about these effects in the manual or documentation.



    (beyond 2.0 699B user)
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    Effects are experimental, and they are blocked in the more recent builds. I would recommend to leave them alone.

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