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  1. Joss

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    I was wondering if it is possible to move a keyframe left or right in the timeline? I've tried and can't do it. Thank you.

  2. Pangolin

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    If you mean "move a key" then most definitely. Each key is represented by a small square (like a dot). If you click the mouse and drag it, you will be able to move the key in all directions -- up, left, down, right, etc.

    Have you taken a look at the tutorial videos that we placed on our YouTube channel? You can find them here:

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    William Benner
  3. meeble

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    I'm not sure what "Move a key" refers to, but I am interested in how to delete and/or move animation keyframes. The FBX file I imported created several keyframes, but I cannot figure out how to remove/move them. I move the animation slider over an existing keyframe - right click on the Xform/rotation window, and select "Delete keyframe" from the menu, but the keyframe isn't deleted.

    *edit* well, it seems that some of the values are being deleted from the keyframe - i.e. rotation, but the keyframe graphic (small blue rectangle) remains on the animation timeline.

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  4. Joss

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    What I mean is, can you slide those little small blue rectangle left or right? I'm re-watching the tutorials to make sure I haven't miss anything.
  5. meeble

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    I haven't found a way to move keyframes, Joss.
  6. Joss

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    It is possible to move those keyframes in the animation editor. I just figure it out when looking at meeble's post "linear transformation/movement?", thanks meeble. I also understand now what William meant, I was a bit confused by "moving up and down".