Kinect v2 not working on win 10 as of March 2018

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by bruce leonard, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Got out my Kinect v2 cause I finally had time to play .And couldn't get it to work .Tried it on 3 different Win 10 machines with no luck .Remembered seeing some at our local pawn shop .So bought the whole pile for $12.00 . None of them work either . Finally downloaded a kinect configuration verifier from Microsoft and ran it on alo 3 machens and it agreed that all 3 have usb controller problems and that the usb ports may not be compatible with my hardware . and a link for system requirements that was 404 .Also it said the software isn't installed .It worked fine last summer . After reinstalling the drivers , no difference .Beyond has the icon that indicates the drivers are ok. But it can no longer see the sensor on the usb port . I searched and found a post showing a registry change to LowerFilters string but that value doesn't exist in my machines . That was from microsoft dated June 21 2017 and admitted they had a problem and they were working on it . From what I read on a foram the Creators update screwed up the usb driver but deleting the value I haven't got on any of my computers will temporarily fix it . The entry had a name of AiChargerPlus so apparently is for usb cellphone support .And I have noticed my cell phone going dead and then shutting down to recharge while its plugged in to my laptop with the usb power options set to always on .So they never got that working right either . Any light you can shed on this will be appreciated .
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    You need a Kinect V1 (xbox 360 model) with dev kit 1.8 to work with BEYOND. Kinect V2 is not supported by us.
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