kvant or tarm?

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    Hi everyone,

    Untill now i used 2 lw cs 2000 rgb lasers with phoenix software but the time has come to upgrade to more professional systems and software (beyond essentials is my choice for now)

    i'm not new to working with lasers but i have not yet owned a more pro laser projector (to make things clear i am well aware of the higher risks involved with higher power lasers and i intend to use all safety features that beyond software can offer (projections zones, BAM etc)

    Can anyone help me with there findings on witch brand to buy? I'm looking to invest in four pieces of 3 or 6W rgb laser projectors so i'd like to make the right choice.

    option one
    My intrest goes between kvant or tarm lasers, does anyone have experience in quality / real guaranteed output power / performance comparing between these manufacturers / lasers?

    I'm interested in the tarm 2.5 fb4 (R 750, G700, B1500 / 3.5mm-1mrad) listprice : 2500 eur (ex vat) or
    kvant clubmax 3400 fb4 (920, 900, 1600 / 3.5mm-1mrad) listprice : 4118 eur

    my main problem with my basic cs 2000 rgb now is that i lack intensity in larger venues and of course the beam quality (divergence) and color intensity is not even close to a tarm or kvant witch makes a big diffrence i asume. The cs 2000 has R500 G200 B800 (3mm/2mrad)

    so my first questions for these two 'lower power lasers' are :

    Will these be a huge step up from the cs 2000 (most important in intensity), more visual impact or is it just a miner increase )
    Wich one of the two? notice that (if the specs are to be believed) the tarm has not much less powerfull diodes but a much lower price.
    These two are probably not powerfull enough for small outdoor venue's?

    option two
    In case the lower power ones are no where near capable for small outdoor events and/or for future proofing for larger indoor events these next two have my current interest:

    tarm 5 FB4 (R 1400mW G 1500mW B 3000 mW) price + - 5250 eur or
    kvant clubmax 6000 fb4 (1300, 1800, 3000 (3.5mm/1mrad) price +- 6416 eur

    ps: all these kvant and tarm lasers have analog modulation coloring according too the manufacturers.

    again wich one would you choose and why? notice again that the price of the tarm is lower for not that much less diode power.

    If anyone has experience with these systems/manufacturers your advise would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'll put my vote in for KVANT.

    I've honestly never worked with a more quality projector. You get what you pay for. I've even worked for another laser manufacturer. Just didn't compare. I'm not saying tarm isn't good. KVANT is just the pinnacle of quality.

    If you're doing anything outdoors, splurge for the 6000s. The 3400s get washed out pretty quick except in perfect conditions. I've worked with both.